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Applying to Creative Victoria as an Auspiced Applicant

1. Sign up to the online Creative Victoria portal if you haven't already. You can register here.

2. Go to "Update My Details" and make a note of your Contact Code.  

3. Send your client manager your Contact Code and the email address that you have registered with Creative Victoria, and we will register you as an auspiced applicant.

4. Once we have registered you, we will send your APP Number. Go to "My Applications" In your portal, click on the APP Number provided to start your application.

5. Arrange a time to discuss your project budget.

Auspicious must approve your budget before your application is submitted. 

We recommend drafting your budget before writing your application.

6. Have your application ready to submit by 9am Tuesday 20 August 2019.

Please note: Due to the high volume of applications we receive, if your application is finalised later than this, we cannot guarantee submission.

7. Notify Auspicious when your application is complete, and Auspicious will submit the application on your behalf. 

Please also refer to the Creative Victoria website regarding auspiced applications.

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