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Budgeting & Financial Management

Project Budgeting, Financial Management & Insurance

We provide day-to-day financial management, monitoring expenses and income, providing regular updates and handling all payments for your project, both incoming and outgoing.


We have the expertise to draw up feasible budgets and realistic income projections, as well as assess and mitigate financial risk.

Box Office and Royalties

Managing box office and royalty payments on a touring show can be a big job – and it’s one we are very good at. We can help you monitor box office income and manage royalty payments.

Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster by Nicola Gunn.

Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster by Nicola Gunn.


Auspiced clients will be covered by our Public Liability insurance as long as the project doesn’t involve activities which fall outside of our cover. Your Client Manager will determine whether you need to budget for additional insurance.

If you have volunteers contributing to your project, they will be covered by our Volunteers Insurance.

Our Travel Insurance covers any work involving regional, national or international travel.

Our equipment hire policy covers equipment rentals.

*Please note that some of our insurances have an excess.