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General resources

Find a range of useful links and resources for your project.


Compliance & Industry Standards.

Employees vs Contractors

Use this ATO Employee/contractor decision tool to work out if your worker is an employee or contractor for tax and super purposes.

Superannuation eligibility tool.

This decision tool helps determine if your employees are eligible for super guarantee.

Superannuation for contractors.

This page provides general information about paying superannuation to contractors.

Child Employment Code.

This code of practice contains provisions regulating the employment of children in entertainment.


Creative Victoria application tips.

Creative Victoria have put together a list of helpful tips for writing a strong funding application.

Why funding Applications fail.

Experts from Australia Council, Creative Victoria, Arts Queensland and more tell you what you are doing wrong when applying for funding.


General Resources.

AAV Inclusive Practice Guide.

Arts Access Victoria have developed this guide for people and organisations who wish to develop inclusive art programs in a meaningful and respectful way.

The Arts Wellbeing Collective.

Auspicious Arts Projects is a proud member of the Arts Wellbeing Collective. Visit the Arts Wellbeing Collective website for tips and resources to support wellbeing and effect better mental health for arts workers.


Auspicious Arts Projects Resources.

Travel Schedule of Insurance.

Download our travel insurance schedule

Equipment Hire Schedule of Insurance.

Download our equipment hire insurance schedule.

Public Liability Schedule of Insurance.

Download our Public Liability Insurance schedule.

Auspicious Budget Template.

Download our budget template.

Invoice Template

Download our invoice template.

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