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Candy Bowers

Candy has pioneered a fierce sub-genre of contemporary performance that delves into the heart of radical feminist dreaming and earned her the 2018 Geoffrey Milne- Green Room Award for outstanding contribution to Independent Theatre. She has achieved extraordinary critical and popular acclaim worldwide for her original works for stage and collaborations including Hot Brown Honey, Who's That Chik?, Australian Booty, MC Platypus & Queen Koala’s Hip Hop Jamboree, Sista She and One The Bear. She has featured on the small screen in “Get Krack!n” and as a contributor on “Tonightly” with Tom Ballard for the ABC. She’s been published in The Lifted Brow, SBS Voices, Junkee and PerilMag, Yours Truly- Women of Letters (Penguin), She's Having A Laugh (Affirm), Queerstories and Growing up African in Australia (Hachette). Candy is one of the 2019 recipients of the Australians In Film/ Screen Australia LA Mentorship Program, working on TV series Blackish with showrunner/executive producer Peter Saji ,and she has landed her first independent feature film with Robert Connolly's Arena Media.

One the Bear is a game changing production for young people and audiences with radical hearts and curious minds. Pushing the boundaries of form, style and storytelling, this brave new work of hip hop theatre is guaranteed to burst your senses and expand your mind. Set in a rubbish tip, where garbage sparkles and catches on beams from broken streetlights, One (Candy Bowers) and her best friend, Ursula (Ashleyrose Gillham), get up to mischief, spit rhymes and mourn the dank life they lead. The two orphan cubs rail against living under Hunter law and dream of the days when bears were free; eating fresh fish rather than packaged fish-fingers. But what happens when One is given the opportunity to speak for her community? What happens when fame knocks at the door? Exploring themes of identity, body image, fame, friendship, oppression, colonialism and celebrity; this work was created by real-life sisters Candy Bowers and Kim Busty Beatz Bowers who together have been creating award-winning innovative theatre for over 15 years.

Written by Candy Bowers, Music by Kim Busty Beatz Bowers. 

“art-activism at its best, performed with compassion, vibrancy and joy.” – Daily Review 

Candy Bowers, One the Bear. Photo by Mette Kortelainen.

Candy Bowers, One the Bear. Photo by Mette Kortelainen.